The CEO of The Maharris Group located in Ohio writes:

Mike, the plan arrived yesterday and it was great. In fact, I had a meeting with two banks today to get working capital. They gave me the SBA application for our request of $100,000.00 and said ... in many sections, just write see plan because it is just that good. The last bank said they loved the fact that there was a "needs/sources" area carved out. Marvelous Mike... absolutely marvelous!
A follow up email came in from the CEO and reads:
Mike, I wanted to get back to you with an update on The MAHARRIS Group. WE HAVE JUST WON THE CATERPILLAR BUSINESS. Kudos to you and the entire Best Business Plan team.
The financial person for Caterpillar said after reading the plan they had no other alternative, but to award the business to us. The "needs and uses" section upfront in the Financial section is a stroke of genius by your writer! Not only did CATERPILLAR respect that positioning; but, our bank was 10 times impressed. We are well on our way and again, thanks. I will always communicate as we grow the business throughout 2015!!
CONGRATULATIONS to Team! This plan was done meticulously, quick, beautifully, accurate; and, with a touch of class in how innovative the approach presented itself. You excluded things that would have burdened the plan, you made suggestions when needed, and your customer service “delighted” me and my company. KUDOS to the entire team! The Project Leader was Mike Siravo III and he was superior at his job. In fact, as a result of Mike and team, I will come back to have next year’s plan done by "THEBESTBUSINESSPLAN" company on the planet!!


Mattie Harris, CEO
Independence, OH

The Owners of the Union Hill Gun Club located in New Jersey sent a follow up comment:

We happy to report to you that we received a 2.1 million bank loan and we are scheduled to break ground in two months. You can't believe how happy we are and grateful to you and your people. THANKS 2.1 million times.

Beth & Paul Picone
Union Hill Gun Club

The Owners of the the Union Hill Gun Club in New Jersey write:


we just had 4 versions of the business plan printed and bound as per your advice.  We showed it to our friends who are also in business and they said "WOW". They were blown away by the professionalism of the plan. They went on to say how well written it was and it flowed so nicely.  You have made Paul and I life time believers in your company and we are very hard to impress. I'm sure that our friends will be using your services, as they are getting ready to expand their current company. We're heading to the bank next week and now I can honestly say that we are properly prepared and well represented with your business plan. Thank you again for everything and especially because you saved us over $1,000 compared to the quotes that we received from 3 other companies.

Beth & Paul Picone
Union Hill Gun Club

The Owner of Lash Effect in Utah writes:

Wonderful Job! You guys knocked my socks off. From assisting me to building my financials from
scratch for only $795.00 versus $3,500.00 my accountant wanted to charge, as well as writing the plan, I am so thrilled that my mom found your company Mike. The writer I worked with was so professional and extremely knowledgeable that it extremely easy for me to understand everything
and provide him the answers to help figure out my financials.
I'll refer your company to anyone that needs a business plan and help with their numbers.

R. Gauss
Lash Effect
Layton, Utah (USA)

The Owner of Products On The Go in Florida writes:

Dear Michael,

The Business Plan looks fantastic! Thank you for all your diligent and hard work on this plan. I am thoroughly satisfied, thrilled, and ecstatic at the professionalism and presentation of this business report. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a company to develop a business plan to use as their only option. (Mike, feel free to use this as my testimony, as promised).

Sharon Fried Buchalter, PhD
Products On The Go
Delray Beach, FL (USA)

The Owner of Medilean Wellness & Weight Loss Clinic in Canada writes:

I am on page 9 of the biz plan and I can only say “INCREDIABLE” so far. I’ll let you know when I finish it, but I have a pretty good feeling it’s going to be just as I expected it…

Chris V
President of Medilean Wellness & Weight Loss Clinic
London, Ontario (Canada)

The Doctor and Owner of Alliance Medical Group in Washington writes:


Thank you again! As you know, this is my second business plan with your company. You guys hit another home run. The bank was extremely impressed with the plan once again. I will get the answers to the third project that I am working on to you by next week.

M. S Garriga Cazimajou, MD
Administrator - Owner
Alliance Medical Group
Richland, WA

The President of Ann B., LLC in Maryland writes:

I reviewed the plan and the only word that comes to mind is "perfect"! I've read your other testimonials and I'm sorry to be redundant, but this really sums it up.  The plan is a lot better than I ever expected.


I truly appreciate the service that you offered to me, where I got to speak with your head writer and have him develop the financials for my new company.  He was pleasant and very knowledgeable like you said he would be, and your price was 50% less than using an accountant to help me. Plus you completed everything so quickly and ahead of schedule. I can't wait to see the free hard copy you are sending me.


Barbara Lumpkins
President/Fashion Consultant

The CEO of My Event Advisor located in Canada writes:

Hi Michael,

I am definitely looking forward to seeing the bound version. You were right when you said everything would work out and look great. When I was searching for business plan writers another business contacted me after I had commissioned your services and said that they look over business plans for free. I submitted the business plan to them for peace of mind, and great news, they said the business plan was well researched, well laid out and there is nothing that they would change. Good job!
I had contacted 2 other business plan companies. The first one was stated they would 5 weeks to complete the plan and it was $2900 plus tax ($3277 CAD).
The second company was Canada Business Plans. This is the company that I actually submitted your plan to. If they were writing it from scratch they would take 4-5 weeks and would cost $3000 + Tax ($3390). They did say they "may" have added a SWOT analysis, but other than that they thought your plan was great.
I would definitely refer your services to my colleagues. You were wonderful to deal with and did a great job answering all my questions. I definitely received the plan I imagined and was worth every penny. Thank you again.

Brendan B. Chapman, Ph.D.
My Event Advisor
London, Canada (Ontario)

The CEO of Rip It Golf, LLC located in California writes:

Dear Michael,

I am very satisfied with the end product and the service provided. I experienced nothing but courtesy and professionalism from this dedicated staff who did as they said. They stayed focused on my needs and most importantly worked with me to meet my time lines and goals. That's a tremendous burden released from a potential business owner.
Michael and his staff understand the concept of customer service. It was obvious through their actions that the phrase is more than simply "buzz words" and its a feature that makes them unique in this current business climate. I would and will definitely recommend their service to my friends and associates.

Michael Spence
Rip It Golf, LLC
Oceanside, CA USA

Island DefJam Music Group located in Florida writes:


What more can I say, but "Thank You". We successfully were able to raise 46 million dollars and now we are taking Island DefJam records public.
All of the investors that viewed both the business proposal and the business plan were blown away. One even remarked that it was the best that they had even seen. All of the investors took down your website address and your name personally, so I'm sure you'll have more business coming your way after my meeting with them.
As you know, we had spent several thousand dollars using one of your competitors to write my business plan, however they fell short and I almost gave up on the project. You and your writers really made the difference and saved the day!
An amazing fact was that your price was 60% cheaper. The amount of work that went into my plan looks like it would have taken months, but your team completed both the proposal and the plan in under a week! Everything you have done for my company from the business proposal to the business plan was flawless.  You even took several calls while you were on vacation to answer questions pertaining to my plan.
Thank to you and your team, within the first six weeks of searching for funding we landed 46 million dollars, which was well over the goal we set up for. I intend to keep doing business with you for my future ventures.
If it wasn't for your services, honestly, I don't think my company would have made it. I can't thank you enough!


Rajin A. Latchman
Island DefJam Music Group

The President from Superior Food Brokers Inc. located in Arkansas writes:


I can not believe the job your company did. My plan is terrific. I sincerely love it.
As you know, I was very skeptical about paying you upfront, but you assured me that I would be very impressed with the quality of your work and you were 100% correct. I was even more impressed with the fact that plan was 4 days ahead of schedule.
I will be recommending your company to some friends of mine also in NJ that need a business plan.
Thank you again for the excellent work on the business plan and the communication all throughout the process. It's really nice to see that there is still a company out there that takes pride in their work and doesn't charge and arm and a leg for their service.

Thank you,

Peter M. Hans
Superior Food Brokers Inc.

The owner of Seven Seas Natural Sponges, Inc located in Canada writes:

Dear Mike.

Thank you very much for the EARLY delivery. The plan is both impressive and very professional. I have been using another service for my business plans and I have been paying almost double of what you charged me and I have never received anything this professional nor as fast. Thank you also for your prompt responses each time I have emailed or called. I will be using your services in the future for all of my businesses and I will certainly recommend you and your company to anyone that is need of a professional business plan.


Rahid Sami

The owner of Blends of Paradise writes:

Hi Mike,

This looks incredible! I am so impressed...I'm just speechless. Now...I feel like my company is ready to move. I've joined the Chamber of Commerce, Louisiana Minority Business Council, GS1 for my UPC barcodes, Dun & Bradstreet...and those are the big things. And now...I have a real business plan thanks to you. Please send your business card or something with my hard copies, so that I will have that on file. Because I know that I will definitely come back for updates in the future!
And believe me...I will definitely spread the word. I am still looking at it.  J. Mac Adams did a fantastic job with the spread sheets and the graphics! : )
I have already sent it to my sister who owns Lightening Lube (an oil change company) and she is VERY IMPRESSED. She has opened 6 stores in the New Orleans area in about 2 years and she says that she wished she had a plan like this one before. She had to pay more for one and then spent hours on end trying to adjust numbers (she's also the Regional Director for Regions Bank). So...I guess getting a compliment from her is better than getting one from me. : )

Thank you again,

Blends of Paradise

The owner of Contour Express writes:

Good news - our SBA business loan was approved! We want to thank you and your staff for all of your hard work.
I have a tanning salon business plan I need written, are you guys interested?

The owner of BONK! writes:

Thank you so much Michael.

We think the plan is great, and we really appreciate the last minute alterations.  We couldn't have done it without BBP. We will highly recommend your services to others. Keep your eye out for our company "BONK!" in the future.

Extremely grateful,


The owner of PSI Performance writes:


WOW - it looks amazing. I'm sure this will help with getting financed.
This is probably one of the most, if not the most professional business plan that I have ever seen and I've been looking over dozens of plans and spoke with several companies.

Thanks so much,

Travis Bishop

The owner of Little Nugget Play Hut writes:

Hi Michael,

Thank you so much and your team!!! The business plan looks wonderful. You did everything and more that you said that you would do. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! You have my approval, you may send the hard copy. I hope you are feeling better!

Danielle Failor Little Nugget Play Hut

The owner of Odyssey Tank Lines writes:

The Business Plan looks amazing. I am so pleased. I could not have asked for a more professional looking document and will feel so confident as we apply for funding.
I will be meeting with my partner tomorrow and we will be reviewing the plan together. After we have a chance to go through it, we will forward any comments or edits we might have before a final print.

Again, thank you for a fantastic job. I couldn't be more pleased!

R.M. Klippert
Odyssey Tank Lines

The owner of High Performance Tennis writes:

Hi Michael,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your team so much for the Business Plan you completed for HPT! It was fantastic. Everyone who saw it was immensely impressed so much so that I referred someone to you this morning.


Taj Colantoni
High Performance Tennis