Q. How many pages can I expect in my business plan?
A. Business plans vary, however the average business plan that we create consists of 20-35 pages depending on the type of business or industry.

Q. What size companies use your services?
A. Small start-up businesses, as well as multi-million dollar firms. No matter what type of business, our professional staff will create a solid business plan or proposal at an affordable price.

Q. How long will it take to complete?
A. Most plans are completed in only 7-10 days, sometimes less.

Q. Can I have my plan revised if needed?
A.  Yes, we provide FREE text edits/revisions for one full month from the date of electronic or fax delivery.  This covers the TEXT portion of the plan only.  If you are requiring us to revise the financials, then there is a fee accessed to revise this due to the time and work involved for our writers to complete the work.  Our fee for the revision of any of the financials is based     on the time that the writer needs to complete the revision.   Our company does not charge anything extra for the work, just simply the fee to pay the writers for their time and work.

Q. Does your company revise or edit a business plan after 30 days?
A. YES!  Each case is different, therefore a reasonable fee can always be negotiated based on the level of the edit or revision, as well as the time frame that the revision is needed. If it is minor in nature, it may be completed for FREE.

Q. How will our plan be delivered?
A.  You will receive your business plan via US postal service.  It will be professionally packaged in a binder and ready to hand to a bank or an investor with your company name on boldly printed across the front cover. Additional copies already bound may be purchased for an additional $49.95 each plus $8.95 S & H.  You may also purchase the electronic version (MS WORD file attachment) of your business plan for an additional $79.95.  This will allow you print as many color copies as you need for your company and perform any edits as things change in the future for your company.

Q. Are there any refunds?
A.  No, however we will always revise the text in a business plan within the first 30 days at no charge if for any reason it is deemed necessary.  If you should require us to revise the financial section and modify any of the original figures that were provided originally with new figures, than a revision fee will be applied of no less than $275.00.
(Click Here for Refund Policy)

Q. Are these original Business Plans?
A.  YES!  We never use another company's plan to create yours.  Each plan is created from scratch and is both original and specifically tailored to fit your company's profile.

Q. How much does a Business Plan cost?
A.  All plans vary, however our lowest priced business plans start at $795.00. 

Q. May I cancel after you process my transaction?
A. Yes, you may cancel for whatever reason. If you cancel within the first 48 hours, there is a 250.00 cancellation fee charged due to the amount of time that our writers spend thoroughly examining your questionnaire, as well as our office time communicating with you and processing your information. All sales are considered final if you decide to cancel after 48 hours. No refunds at this point will be considered.

Q. Do you need FREE advice from a professional company before you get started?
A.  Because we want our clients to be informed, we strongly suggest that you contact the retired professionals associated with S.C.O.R.E at www.score.org Their advice is FREE!