Whether you are starting up a new business or expanding a current business, we can create the perfect business plan. All business plans are complete with 5-year projections at no extra charge, and come professionally bound and ready to turn in with any bank applications.


The financials are set up differently in an investor ready plan, as opposed to a bank ready plan. Our MBAs will complete your plan properly so that any investor reading it will be dazzled. This will provide you with a better opportunity of raising the capital for your business venture.


We have been assisting clients from around the globe in securing visas for years. No matter if you looking to secure the most commonly requested L-1 visa or other business related visas, our experts can assist you. We have over 20 years in assisting business clients around the globe on this level.


A business proposal or pitch deck is essential and the document that should accompany any investor ready plan. Mostly every investor will not read your business plan without first receiving either document. It properly introduces who you are, what you company does and how much you are seeking.


This a 12-16 power presentation designed to provide to either banks or investors. It will truly entice them and is used by the pros when raising capital. This will set you apart from the others and allow either the bank or an investor to have a clear insight on your business goals.


Don't waste endless hours searching for an accountant or a CFO that will charge you thousands of dollars and take a few months to figure out your financials. Hire our MBAs to have this completed in only a few days for about one third the cost.